Ringvorlesung 02.2017

Wir laden sehr herzlich zur nächsten Ringvorlesung am 23.02.2017 um 18:00 Uhr im Festsaal ein.
Jonas Kilga, 8C, präsentiert "Star Wars". Auf uns wartet ein spannender Vortrag über die Tosche -Station und die Tragödie von Darth Plagueis dem Weisen. Wir freuen uns über zahlreichen Besuch!
Ringvorlesungsplan 2016/17

My passion for Star Wars began when I was four years old. At first, it was the Prequels with their flashiness and backflip-ridden lightsaber fights that dazzled me, then my focus shifted to the Originals and their storytelling prowess, elegance, and – of course – Ewoks, and now, in the completely unexpected age of MORE STAR WARS, I sit and stare and suck in every single drop of Star Wars I can absorb. So, in celebration of the continuation of this epic space opera, I have decided to dedicate my Ringvorlesung to this cinematic sci-fi spectacle. If you feel like listening to me talk about Tosche station and the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise for 45 minutes (I can really only recommend this), come see me in the Festsaal on the 23rd of February at 18:00 – following my lecture will be time for a round of questions.